Pigeons spend a huge part of their lives in a dovecote. In order for the bird to feel safe, measures should be taken to separate it not only from the weather conditions, but also from predators. In our offer you will find dovecotes to ensure the comfort and safety of your pigeons.

• The dovecotes are made of a solid board with a thickness of 15 mm. It is possible to use a thicker board at the customer’s request.
• We use only certified products, at the customer’s request we use impregnation on the entire dovecote.
• We make the product according to our own designs or customer recommendations.
• We supply the dovecote already assembled or for self-assembly with a simple instruction and numbered parts attached.
• The shipping cost is determined individually.
• Possible shipping throughout Poland and the EU.

Dovecote 1

Dovecote 2

Dovecote 3

Dovecote 4

Dovecote 5

Dovecote 6