Holiday and all-year-round cottages

…solid, stylish and functional…

A year-round cottage and a summer cottage are a great way to spend your days off. Each house is manufactured according to individual tastes and recommendations. At the same time, we maintain its practicality, which allows for the perfect placement of furniture.

The year-round and summer cottages we produce are made of high-quality components. We make them in two ways: as an assebmled unit and for self-assembly, which gives great satisfaction, at the same time providing entertainment while “building” your cottage together.

The frame structure of the house guarantees greater strength and stability, as well as allows you to perform insulation. The cottages are made according to our own designs or designs and recommendations of the client.

A simple and legible assembly and disassembly instructions are attached to each house, and in case of additional questions, we provide telephone advice.

The shipping price of each order is determined individually according to the final destination.

We guarantee shipping or transport throughout Poland and the EU.

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