Dog kennels for two dogs

Single-compartment kennel:
– insulated on all six sides;
– made (outside and inside) of milled board, impregnated with unscented varnish;
– covered with felt or decorative shingle.
The center of the main compartment has a suspended ceiling so that the height is the same in all kennel.                 
On request, for an additional fee, we make a pull-down wall for easy access to the litter or for cleaning .
Painting with varnish or varnish stain for the most beautiful appearance.
To the entrance of the kennel, we offer a cover that provides light access and at the same time protects against  the wind and rain. 

It is possible to make a kennel in any color and size. Fast production and delivery time.

The shipping price is determined individually after providing the delivery destination.
Transportation or shipping throughout Poland and the EU.









pine / fir / spruce

Walls thickness

15mm / 20mm /28mm

Structure dimentions

as desired

Type of roofing

decorative shingles or roofing felt

Impregnation varnish colour

as desired

Dimensions of the kennel

as desired


self-assembly or assembled

Partition wall

as desired